Thursday, June 12, 2014

The world

Today, I heard a very sad story from one of my coworker. Her daughter goes to the same daycare as a little 3 years old girl. This girl has two older sisters and they are 8 years old twins. They lost their dad in march (on the 21st) due to meningitis. And this week, they also lost their mom, who was hit by a truck (while on her bike). 

Stories like this breaks my heart. And they make me think about this world we live in. 
I am a very sensitive person and gets hurt (not by people but by events like those) very easily. 

Sometimes, I wish I wasn't here to see this. I do not want to die, but it would be so much easier if I had never lived. 
Take my cats. I love them so much. I know they are going to die one day and I know how sad I will be because I already lost a cat once. And I wish I never have had them so I wouldn't be sad to let them go. 
I know. I should enjoy every moment I get with them (and life in general !) and I do but sometimes, I just can't. I get overwhelmed and can't see past all these losses.

I told my mom about all this because she's still the one person I want to call when I'm excited/sad/angry about something. She told me that making quilts was a sign that there is still some good in the world.
I'd rather not have anyone to make a quilt for than know someone, somewhere, is suffering and feel the need to send them some quilty love. 

So I decided to make a quilt for these three little girls. Because as a quilter, that's what I do. I make quilts hoping they will bring some warmth to those people going through a hard time. I make quilts thinking about the recipient and I make them pouring all my love in them. And boy, do I have some to give !
Losing your mom AND dad at 3 and 8 shouldn't be allowed. Hell. I'm 25 and can't imagine a world whitout my mom. 

I chose these lovely colors because they are warm and bright and feminine. 

I asked the lovely ladies that are part of this awesome and oh so generous quilting community to make some star blocks in various size. Any star block they want ! I'm very curious and excited to see those pop up in the mail and I can't wait to start making some myself ! 

So hi. I'm Marika. 25, student, part-time waitress, owner of two cats and blue bubble gum ice cream lover. Madly in love with Y. my boyfriend for the past soon 7 years. Hoping he will agree to get married one day and telling him everyday. Fabric addict.